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I'd love to meet each of you in person, but not everyone is lucky enough to live in Edmond, OK, USA. So, for those of you who can't make it one of my classes, this page is just for you!

Check out the videos below, some of my thoughts on embellishments and - saving the best for last - check out the FREE block of the month here.

"How'd She Do That?"

Sure, quilting is all about creativity, but sometimes you just need to see how it's done. So, here are two clips from America Quilts Creatively featuring a block inspired by my pattern Charge It, Please:

Video 1 | Video 2

Nancy's Thoughts on Embellishments

Here in Edmond , they sometimes refer to me as the "Appliqué Queen." If only that were true....

But, I do love appliqué (by machine, of course) and I adore embellishing my quilts. I enjoy it so much, I don't know when to stop! And my dear husband and many friends are always on the lookout for something new for me to try.

Thus far, I have used crayons and Tsukineko pens and inks, old lace, rick rack from the fifties, ribbons of all sizes and ages, buttons of all descriptions and ages, old costume jewelry that has been taken apart, and even small pompoms for snowballs. Right now, like everybody else, my friends and I are having fun with the iron-on crystals (you can't have too many, you know).

Next, we are moving on to computer parts, old watch parts, and old typewriter keys. And you should see the goodies I found at the local home improvement store: plastic mirror rosettes, brass and silver finish mirror rosettes, lock washers, flat washers, and all kinds of wonderful stuff in the electrical department. Fabulous! I can't even tell you what they are because I threw away the label on the box - dumb - but they're going to make wonderful embellishments!

Of course, there are the labels from my favorite clothing and from old ties. I have a whole box of trims for all kinds of lingerie as well as a bag of truly antique lace. Funny thing, I pull that stuff out to use it and always end up patting it and putting it back....

Then there is the whole thing with the silk flowers. I pull them apart, toss the wire, plastic, and glue and have fun embellishing with the little flowers and petals and leaves, stitching them down with all kinds of specialty threads.

What is your favorite type of embellishment?